The Joy of Inner Monologue

giants playground namibia africa sunsetWARNING: This next post talks about feelings and emotions. If things of a personal nature aren’t of interest to you, you’ve been warned… 🙂

Last Sunday, I headed to Gabriola Island for a “Come Alive” retreat at The Haven. I had no idea what I was in for. I approached it as open-minded as I could. I arrived on the island and checked into my room. Although it was a shared room, there was no one else sharing it with me. This would prove to be very, very welcome. There were 17 participants, all with their own stories to share. Throughout the workshop, we were all challenged to look deeper inside ourselves, to try and find the root of what was causing us to think and feel the way we do.

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Northern Nights

northern lights yellowknife blachford lake lodge nwt northwest territories aurora borealis
Good morning! Hope everyone is having a great week and looking forward to the weekend!
I’m off to Gabriola Island for a week this Sunday, taking part in a few workshops – not photography related. I am here to remind you of another photography workshop, though!
In December, I launched a really awesome workshop taking place just outside of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories at the beautiful Blachford Lake Lodge. It’s a four-day/3-night event, taking place from September 2-5. I’m a little biased, but it will be worth every penny.
The workshop is $1950 CDN plus an Eventbrite fee. I may be biased, but this is a really great deal! All your meals and beverages (minus alcohol) are taken care of, your accommodations, and your travel to and from Yellowknife to Blachford. Each day will consist of a classroom portion before we head out at night to shoot the lights. Blachford has a bunch of amenities you will be able to use while you are there as well, such as canoes, hiking trails, fishing, a hot tub, and more!
If you’re interested in learning more about this event, the link is below:
I have included a link to Blachford Lake Lodge’s website as well so you can learn more about the lodge:
If you are interested or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to see you there!

Six Steps to Starting Out

Over the holidays, I put together a free guide called “The Six Steps to Starting Out.” I thought it might be useful for people who just got a DSLR for Christmas, or people who need an excuse to shake the dust off the camera sitting in the closet.

You can sign up here to receive the guide in your email!

While this guide doesn’t provide a lot of “technical” information, it tries to point you in the right direction so you don’t feel so overwhelmed or uninspired with your photography.

Hope it helps!

Resolutions Made

Over the last few years, I’ve done a “Year In Review” post where I take a look at all the things, good and bad, that happened to me over that year. I like to look at what worked for me over the year, what I could have done better, and what I hope to accomplish for the next year. This year’s post, albeit two weeks late, is going to be slightly different. Today, I am going to talk about the one resolution that I made last year, the one that above everything else I tried so very hard to adhere to. That resolution was hate.

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It’s Alive!

andbeyond &beyond safari africa botwswana

A sunrise at Xudum Lodge in the Okavango Delta.

Hello, everyone! Really excited to announce that I’ve finally got my blog up and organized the way I want it to look. I’ve been working on it the last couple days, and it’s finally ready to be unleashed on the world! I’ll be using this platform for a lot of different things such as displaying photo series, workshop announcements, travel schedules, book and gear reviews, and much more. My plan is to try and post something a couple times a week. It’s still early in the year, so I’ve got the momentum going strong!

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New Year, New Blog!

Hey, everyone!

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