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A sunrise at Xudum Lodge in the Okavango Delta.

Hello, everyone! Really excited to announce that I’ve finally got my blog up and organized the way I want it to look. I’ve been working on it the last couple days, and it’s finally ready to be unleashed on the world! I’ll be using this platform for a lot of different things such as displaying photo series, workshop announcements, travel schedules, book and gear reviews, and much more. My plan is to try and post something a couple times a week. It’s still early in the year, so I’ve got the momentum going strong!

My want of a blog resulted more out of a need for a blog and is part of my business strategy for 2018. I’m horrible at updating my website – which is an issue unto itself – and I seem to do most of my photography related postings through Facebook and Instagram. This has and does work for me, but I don’t believe it is the proper solution. Don’t get me wrong, it works. And for some, it works really, really well. But the bottom line is that one day a new social media platform will rise, and all that hard work and effort that was put into FB and IG will fall to the wayside. I wanted to have complete control of my brand, which unfortunately can’t happen through someone else’s platform. I still plan on using FB and IG, but again, I want to take a more proactive role in my content curation and delivery.

All that stuff about Facebook aside, I have a few Facebook photography groups that I’m an admin in, and I’d love for you to join:

British Columbia Creators – for any and all creative types living in BC. A safe haven for actors, models, photographers, painters, writers, musicians, etc who wish to showcase their work and receive positive constructive criticism

Aaron Von Hagen Workshops – my page dedicated to announcing upcoming workshops, and for members of past workshops to stay in touch, share their images, ask questions and offer encouragement to each other

British Columbia Landscapes – showcasing landscape images taken in British Columbia

As always, thank you so much to everyone for all the support. I always appreciate your comments and questions.